Diana C. Pardee

   It's been a long and winding road to get here. I knew I loved writing since 2nd grade when I got an A on my first little story. But finding the courage to share my fiction, and the persistence to actually finish a novel have been harder to come by. A few decades later, I'm on the cusp of publishing a whole series of fiction. I'm just saying... never give up!

My first published novel is finally live on Amazon! It's taken years for this one book, more than I care to admit to. On the Cusp fits in the 'romantic suspense' category for some readers, and 'mystery' for others. This book started out as a simple beach read with this character that popped into my head one day and then just wouldn't leave. Along the way, her story developed other threads and darker layers. I may have to wait to hear from more readers to know for sure. My main character is Poppy, an independent young woman used to doing her own thing. In that one way, we are similar.
One thing is certain... it's a first novel, and neither a masterpiece nor a future bestseller, but I hope it's at least entertaining. As you might surmise, this will be a humble launch! At 75, I can't wait around for perfection or even just traditional publishing. I have more books to write and adventures to live while I still can.

The writing community in Orange County, California has made such a difference for so many writers, that I have continued to become more involved over the last few years. I'm on the board of the Southern California Writers Association (SCWA) and we've produced over 100 videos for YouTube in the last two years since COVID-19. I'm also a member of Sisters in Crime Orange County and OCRW. Connecting with your writing tribe is an important step, especially for all of us introverts. Plus as a lifelong learner, I find there is always something new to inspire and inform me.

My previous life took me on a few detours, where I have gathered much of my character archetypes, flaws, and challenges. I've had a wellness business for 40 years, so the GT Blog will reflect some of those interests. Along with reading and writing, I also love travel and gardening, artsy stuff, and eco-friendly endeavors. If you follow my blog you will eventually learn more. If you sign up for my newsletter, you'll hear mostly about my book, writing, and inspirations designed to entertain.

I'm a born California girl, although I've lived in four other states. I'm single now after several relationship challenges and have two children and one awesome granddaughter, with whom I love sharing adventures and conversations. Hawaii is my second home. I love living near the ocean (and so does Poppy)!