Diana C. Pardee

      It's been a long and winding road to get here. I knew I loved writing since 2nd grade when I got an A on my first little story. But finding the courage to share my fiction, and the persistence to actually finish a novel have been harder to come by. A few decades later, I'm on the cusp of publishing a whole series of fiction. I'm just saying... never give up!

My first published novel is finally live on Amazon! It's taken years for this one book, more than I care to admit to. On the Cusp fits in the 'romantic suspense' category for some readers, and 'mystery' for others. This book started out as a simple beach read with this character that popped into my head one day and then just wouldn't leave. Along the way, her story developed other threads and darker layers. I may have to wait to hear from more readers to know for sure. My main character is Poppy, an independent young woman used to doing her own thing. In that one way, we are similar.

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Getting Traction Blog

In Honor of Poetry Month and Earth Month

In Honor of Poetry Month and Earth Month
by Diana C. Pardee


The vibrant tomato falls into her palm

Invisible labor without sounds of struggle

Obstacles overcome

Task completed

Triumph against the odds.

Today it seems we feel accomplished

Booking our reservations online

Instead of drive-by eating

Believe something unique is created

When we add coconut shreds

To instant brownie mix.

What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at?
by Diana C. Pardee

Do you know what kind of humor makes you laugh? I had a vague idea when I was writing my novel. Poppy Mackenzie is a quirky character, a 'fish out of water' kind of gal, who has a subtle skewed view of the world that some find amusing. I was almost shocked, in a pleasant way, at how many reviews mentioned how funny they found my book.

So I've been thinking about this for a while, like how different we are when it comes to our senses of humor. Growing up, I was not the funny one, I was the one who laughed at other's jokes. My brother was the clown who told stories and jokes and everyone laughed. I was the quiet one in the corner who either laughed or scowled in disapproval if his remarks were derogatory or hurtful.

As I became a teen I discovered that boys found me funny and attractive. I still couldn't remember a joke, but my off-track view of the world seemed to entertain them. It was a bit of a mystery, but I liked it. I think sharing a sense of humor is one of the important things that keeps a marriage alive and satisfying for decades. And I found myself attracted to people who found me amusing and I gravitated to the authors who amused me.

Introducing Getting Traction Blog

Introducing Getting Traction Blog
by Diana C. Pardee
     Introducing my 'blog with no agenda', except to allow me to write whatever strikes my interest. It's a selfish motivation, I know. However, it's my blog and I own it. It's not social media where I never know what they're going to do next. It's not an email where I  bombard you with my thoughts in your already stuffed email boxes. It's not a phone call where I intrude on your day.

No, it's just a place to put my thoughts that I don't mind sharing with the universe, with perhaps some useful or entertaining ideas and occasional resources you might want to pursue. I will edit to be sure someone in Khazikstan or anywhere else won't learn about my most private opinions.

Where does your inspiration come from?

by Diana C. Pardee

Is it spontaneous or can we find ways to create it?

For years I thought I was a good writer but couldn’t come up with inspiration for fiction. I could write newsletters and educational content. I often wrote poetry inspired by a broken heart, a new love, or a donut shop closing after 30 years. But the idea of writing a novel with interesting characters, facing a villain or other obstacles, and all the essential components of a good read were beyond me for decades. 

I’d read a thousand books and over and over I told myself I could write something even better than them. But the ideas never materialized or they sounded like they’d been done too many times. Sometimes they were too close to my reality which wasn’t that entertaining or exciting.

Then one night Poppy arrived in my half-awake brain...

The Pigeon Did It!

The Pigeon Did It!
by Diana C. Pardee
How many times have we heard that the solution to a murder involved the butler? Maybe not in American mysteries, but definitely in British drama. Although, come to think of it I can't remember the last time I watched a "Midsummer Murders" episode when the butler actually did it. With 22 seasons, I'm sure I've forgotten or missed the butler-as-murderer episode. But, I digress...

One of the things that captured my imagination with the blog title 'Getting Traction' is its application in my mind to so many aspects of life. Business, creativity, longevity, fitness... I could go on. And today I'm thinking about the dangers of forgetting I'm no longer 40 when I decided to get back into fitness.

I bet you think you know what's coming...