In Honor of Poetry Month and Earth Month

platter of crudities


The vibrant tomato falls into her palm

Invisible labor without sounds of struggle

Obstacles overcome

Task completed

Triumph against the odds.


Today it seems we feel accomplished

Booking our reservations online

Instead of drive-by eating

Believe something unique is created

When we add coconut shreds

To instant brownie mix.


Satisfaction in the assembly of

Perfect ingredients

Quality tools

Precise sequence of steps

Hard earned skills

Supplanted by ease

Speed and digital support.


Recipes for quiche

Prompt us to ask

Can we substitute frozen pie crust or

Boxed egg whites?

Do we have to buy the spring form pan?

Will a blender work just as well

As a French whip to make

Perfect egg white peaks?


We ponder shortcuts or


Maybe just go to Whole Foods

Get better than homemade

Spend a fortune but little effort.

Consider the roasted asparagus

Wrapped in prosciutto at $28 a pound

Marinated in organic herbs and balsamic vinaigrette

Virgin olive oil from Spain

Created by other hands

Willing to work the soil

Chop, press, or grill

For our detached nourishment.


Instead she

Arranges her crudités enjoying

Rhythms of a perfect knife

Slicing crisp Persian cucumbers

Arranged next to cherry tomatoes

Still full of sunlight

Surviving snails, giant horned worms

Devil winds

To reach the platter alongside

Heirloom peppers from

Her little garden

Adding a personalized

Simple blend of dill, sour cream, buttermilk.


She presents crudités with ranch dip

Mundane raw display

No gourmet concoction

Yet tempered by effort

 Nature’s rainbow banquet

Stronger, sweeter with the struggle

Providing sustenance

From dirt, water, seeds and sun

Her garden’s succulent art

Result of a slow elegant process

Repeated endlessly

No shortcuts or substitutes

Without digital support.

by dcpardee