Introducing Getting Traction Blog

     This blog has no agenda except to allow me to write whatever strikes my interest. It's a selfish motivation, I know. However, it's my blog and I own it. It's not social media where I never know what they're going to do next. It's not an email where I bombard you with my thoughts in your already stuffed email boxes. It's not a phone call where I intrude on your day.

No, it's just a place to put my thoughts that I don't mind sharing with the universe, with perhaps some useful or entertaining ideas and occasional resources you might want to pursue. I will edit to be sure someone in Khazikstan or anywhere else won't learn about my most private opinions.

Getting Traction is not my first blog rodeo. But it is perhaps the culmination of decades of thoughts and interests that have coalesced into a somewhat cohesive concept. That's as far as I can go right now, so I'll just cast off and see where we sail. I hope you'll check me out everyone once in a while!