A taste of poetry...

I wrote this one while learning that golf and your own head game
were connected. Well, golf or no golf, your mindset impacts your whole life.
Enjoy but watch out for those alligators!

Standing at the Tee


Perfection in my sights

The rabble has its say

“Hold back…Hold on

That’s not like you!”

Whisper of genius

Smothered by the drone

Subtle realignment

A hook…slice

Predictable detours

Bunkers like coffins

Hazards with alligators




“Pull back…Go short

You can’t be that good!”

Settle for a half-swing


Skid into the ruff

Lost for hours…years

Hack through weeds

Losing the target

Mere postage stamp of green.



“Lay up…Play it safe

You don’t deserve this!”

Subtle realignment

No, not this time

Eject the saboteurs

Wind up…swing away!



Diana C. Pardee