Keeping it simple for longevity and the creative life...

Keeping it simple is not so easy in my Third Act!

So many things on my bucket list that I procrastinated about or got detoured from by relationship troubles, money issues, aging challenges, or really... just fear! Fear of what? Failure, or at least not living up to your own or others' expectations. And that's one reason my book took eight years to get published! What about your book, business, or fitness goals? Have they gotten lost in a pit of fear while you whiled away the days watching Netflix or letting the unimportant nonsense keep you distracted?

For many of us, COVID put a kink in our wellness plans. The gyms and yoga studios closed. The pools closed. Walking outside was an option, as long as there weren't crowds of anti-maskers shuffling past. And forget about travel or even camping, since all the campgrounds closed down.

But enough about that... now we're back to the normal barriers we put up for ourselves to keep us in the same place. The thing is, some of us got stuck, gained the COVID 10-pounds, experienced the long COVID symptoms, and struggle to get back to a healthy eating and activity routine. What motivates me is that bucket list and the understanding that most of it depends on me staying fit and healthy well into my 80s. That and hoping to take my granddaughter on trips in the future. What about you?

For starters, we spend way too much time looking at screens. Hey, it's not just the Millenials. We're glued to our TVs, following the stock market or YouTube or social media on our computers. And in between, we spend hours checking our phones for the latest news, email, or video we have to see. Then, there's that book I'm writing. OK, you've heard this before so how do we get unstuck?

Action plan to simplify and improve longevity:
  • Go camping~~ No cell reception. No TV. No computer. It might take some adjustment because I'm just as stuck as most of you. Don't like camping? How about a retreat someplace remote enough to make screentime a poor second choice... like Hawaii, California Central Coast, some island or barrier sandbar, or mountain hideaway? If you have self-discipline, commit to turning it all off for a weekend. Sounds hard but you can do it!
  • Yoga at home~~ Sometimes it's easier to schedule your own time rather than try to fit into a class structure. Now that I've gotten into my own routine, I love it. Just breathing and stretching energize our cells, balancing hormones, increasing oxygen, and blood flow to nourish our cells, improve digestion, activate our brains, and awaken all the amazing organs that keep us going.
  • Walking~~ Those of you with dogs have a natural way to get out of the house and move. Alternatively, I found a neighbor who likes to walk with her dog and I tag along. Walking is so simple...just comfortable shoes, maybe a hat and dark glasses are all the equipment you need. Find a route close to home for daily walks, then get out in nature at least once a week. Is walking boring? Earbuds + music or podcast might help, or call a friend while you walk, or... Dance!
  • Eat healthier~~ easier said than done but one way to keep it simple is to not buy the stuff you know won't benefit your body. If you make that stuff you eat when you're out, or save for a 'cheat' day, you'll have a better chance of avoiding it. Enjoy those yummy summer fruits, fresh veggies, and grilled meats we savor in summer. Avoid packaged and processed foods and save money while you get healthier!
  • Supplements & shakes~~ I've used them for almost 50 years and they've helped me stay active and healthier than I could have on just food. Just make sure they are top quality, safe, absorbable, and proven effective, like the Shaklee products. I loved them so much I started a business almost 40 years ago. Ask me for more info or visit
  • Gratitude~~ As a single woman with lots of past challenges, I've forgotten at times to be grateful for all that I've had. So, for a new project, I'm remembering all the things I'm grateful for and writing them down each night. Was it Oprah who had that idea? Maybe, but I think it's even older than that. Time to try it, I think.
  • Hobbies~~ crafts, gardening, volunteering, photography... find a new one and see where it takes you.
I still love my PBS and Netflix series, but more time with people and activities that nourish me will revitalize my Third Act and I'm looking forward to a longer 'healthspan', too.  Most important... don't give up and don't give in to your fears!

Keep moving... Diana